Identifying your Interior Design Style

Daizy Obura
3 min readOct 31, 2022


  • Traditional Interior Design Style

If you have an eye for matching furniture, in terms of color, shape, edges & texture — moreover ornate pieces, and love a rich or deep color palette, you will probably be inclined to a traditional style. The combination of the dominant features listed, together with classic art and antiques, is what creates a sense of age and class in this style. The items in this style also tend to be aligned symmetrically and this helps to create a sense of order and safety.

  • French Country Interior Design Style

This one is almost similar to the traditional style, except for the warmer tones and the detailed furniture embellishments. The essential colors used in this style are red, yellow, brown, and gold.

  • Industrial Interior Design Style

If you love spaces that seem unfurnished or that give off an edgy look, with furniture kept at the minimum and little to no accessories, then you will likely be drawn to the Industrial Interior Design Style. This style tends to resemble a stripped-back warehouse.

Simple, Natural-material Design Styles

These are the styles that commonly make use of natural materials like unpainted wood, metals, leather, and natural fibers. These types of styles favor simple, uncluttered spaces. The furnishings like sofas and chairs tend to have exposed legs.

  • Modern Interior Design Style

are identified by the dominant earthy or neutral monochromatic colors, simplicity, and minimal details. The decor spaces in this kind of style are more functional than decorative.

  • Scandinavian Interior Design Style

If you are a lover of well-lit open spaces where all elements in a space reflect their intended purpose, Scandinavian styles would suit you. Unlike modern styles, this style makes use of bright colors, although there’s also an incorporation of neutral colors. The decor pieces used here are also very functional.

  • Contemporary Interior Design Style

this type is always changing and ever-evolving; it reflects the dominant trends of the current age.

  • Rustic Interior Design Style

Stone and wood are very so often integrated within the design of this style and the style is largely based around natural materials.

  • Shabby Chic Interior Design Style

This style uses a pale color palette, combined with vintage furniture pieces. Its formation creates a feminine aura and is especially well-suited for bedrooms and sitting rooms. The shabby chic style is also characterized by floral accents and a “farm-house feel”.

Flushy Interior Design Styles

  • Glamour Interior Design Style

As the name suggests, this is a great design style for expressing flamboyance. It spells out LUXURY, from the richly elegant and expensive furnishings used, to the rich & jewel-like color palette!

However, there is no “standard” to YOUR preferred style, as it could be a blend of 2 or 3 of the common design styles.



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