Launching into DATA SCIENCE.

Daizy Obura
2 min readOct 27, 2020

From the time I started my tech career to this day, technologies have without a doubt evolved; needs keep changing, bright minds keep inventing & innovating, new discoveries are made and the list goes on and on because change is inevitable. And because the world is changing, we too have to change to fit in, regarding processes and approaches and most importantly to a techie, technologies.

Among these new concepts is the discipline of Data Science, which from my understanding basically revolves around doing something to and with data: manipulation, analysis, visualization, and scaling; using tools and algorithms. It is important to understand that data lies at the heart of this cluster and it is still opening doors to many more ways of doing things.

Knowing that we can do so much with data, just by sitting behind a machine gives me a thrill and I want to take this feeling to the next level. Thanks to wonderful communities like pyladies Kampala 🎉 that hand opportunities to people who are up for the challenge, I am now on board the group of participants who will gather insight on how to use python for Data Science. I am daring myself and hope to go from zero to hero in the data science field.

I have set up a few requisites, to begin with, and if you might be interested in doing the same, here’s the list:

✔️ Python set up for Windows - Base programming language
✔️ Jupyter Notebook - Write Python code for analysis
✔️ Github - Version Control

I look forward to increasing my knowledge base, as I get to understand important python basics and thereafter launch into the world of Data Science, as an individual with the foundational knowledge/skills to guide me through the learning process. This could be the beginning of a change in career as well, from a Web Developer (Javascript and Python/Flask) to a Data Scientist.

I hope you can follow through with me during this learning process and learn a thing or two as well. Cheers.



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